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Editor & Writer Gemma Seabook @CaerMorrighan

Editor & Writer
Gemma Seabook

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Welcome to Issue 4. This is the first issue of 2014 and there are some changes:

  • Two ways to read. Meta Gamer will be published as both a magazine issue and via the Meta Gamer articles blog.  If you want to read the content all at once, you can choose the former, otherwise, the latter might be for you.
  • The magazine is now a page per section.  You can just scroll down to read.  The previous three issues will be reformatted and made available this way.
  • The layout has changed. A new layout to suit the new ways content is being delivered.
  • Monthly issues. The magazine will aim to publish monthly.  Articles will then be issued daily in the weeks following.  Also there will be individual articles detailing things that can't really wait for a magazine issue.  You can follow these by RSS.

Thats a lot of changes!  It took some time to get to a layout that worked practically and aesthetically.

Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy reading Meta Gamer!

The cake is a lie.

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