Overwatch | Love is in the air?

The love of one insane scientist for his monstrous creation. The adoration in his eyes ...

Yes the Overwatch Halloween event is here. It seems the hype train led to expectations that were a bit high, but there are lots of good features in this holiday.


This is what everyone was hoping for and the skins are cool. There have been a few people saying they are just recolours or not very good. This is partly a response to the hype but also I think to people not taking a good look at them.

The Bastion skin, for example, might look like just a recolour until you realise that all his metal has been turned into tombstones. Pharah's skin adds some nice glow effects that aren't available on any other skin. Some are definitely better than others, and this is reflected in their rarity. However, they also cost three times the normal price for each skin of a given quality. Thats 3000 gold for a legendary skin. I would guess this means theres a lot of gold in the market.

The four legendary skins (Junkrat, Roadhog, Reaper and Mercy) are also the enemies you face in the special Halloween Brawl.

Halloween Brawl

The highlight of the patch is the awesome PvE brawl. A team of four heroes faces off against the four legendary skinned heroes and their army of zomnics (zombie omnics in case you really didn't spot it). You have to defend a gate from their attacks.

And did I mention you can only play Ana, Soldier: 76, McCree and Hanzo. Oh and you can only have one of each. Its available on Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties and Hard is a real challenge.


Skins aren't all that you can get there are some ... interesting emotes. Am I the only one that finds the Ana one particularly odd?

  • Ana - drops candy and looks really creepy
  • Reinhardt - smashes a pumpkin with his hammer like its a baseball
  • Winston - Does this odd shadow puppet thing with his feet that you can't really see

Victory poses

All the heroes also get a victory pose. These are all variations on a theme - a grave with something reaching out of it. What isn't immediately apparent is that these reflect whatever skin you have on at the time.

Voice Lines

Everyone got a voice line too. Some are unimaginative, others are a little odd but some are very good.

  • Ana - Are you scared?
  • Bastion - W-W-WOOOOO...? [only it doesn't sound like this at all]
  • D.Va - Happy Halloween
  • Genji - My Halloween costume? Cyborg Ninja
  • Hanzo - You are already dead
  • Junkrat - Happy Halloween
  • Lucio - Killed it!
  • McCree - It's your funeral
  • Mei - Scary!
  • Mercy - Superstition [said in a derisive way, rather than sung]
  • Pharah - You're going to come with me, dead or alive
  • Reaper - I work the graveyard shift
  • Reinhardt - Smashing
  • Roadhog - Want some candy?
  • Soldier: 76 - Knock knock
  • Symmetra - What a frightening thought
  • Torbjorn - If you build it, they will die
  • Tracer - Ooh, scary!
  • Widowmaker - The party is over
  • Winston - This is not a costume
  • Zarya - Never forget the fallen
  • Zenyatta - Trick or treat?


There are also some sprays. As well as some generic spooky sprays each character gets a trick or treat spray.

Highlight Intros

Finally there are a few highlight intros you can get:

  • Mei - is scared by a cute little ghost and ice blocks
  • Genji - carves a jack'o'lantern ninja style
  • Reaper - kicks his way out of his coffin