World of Warcraft | Maraad

The final Lords of War focused, unexpectedly, on Maraad and his apparently chequered past. We already knew a lot about Maraad and he ties in with several other important characters. So who exactly is Maraad?

Maraad is a Vindicator amongst the Draenei. He fought the Burning Legion when it attacked Draenor in the main timeline. He is a paladin, following the Light. His weapon was the Hammer of the Naaru (which drops from High King Maulgar in Gruul's Lair).

He had a sister, who was captured and experimented on by Gul'dan. She gave birth to Garona Halforcen. He carries both the weight of the mistake seen in the video and the loss of his sister as burdens and spent many years searching for Garona.

Maraad eventually met Khadgar, who told him what he knew of Garona. Eventually, Maraad tracked her down. Whilst Garona went her own way, Maraad remained with her son (by Medivh) Me'dan. Maraad became a member of the new Council of Tirisfal and helped them defeat Cho'gall. After this, he took Me'dan to Outland to remove him from the influences of the Old Gods.

In Wrath of the Lich King, we find Maraad aboard the Skybreaker above Icecrown. Following this, he returns to Exodar. The Cataclysm has taken place and it seems the Exodar is nearly repaired. The Prophet Velen is in seclusion. Maraad prompts the leaders of the draenei to make a decision as to what route the draenei should take and they decide to leave Azeroth. It is Maraad who suggests they should either take the war to the Legion or return to Outland. There is a riot amongst the refugees and Maraad is forced to fight his own people, until Velen returns and declares they will remain. Maraad remains at the Exodar for some time, healing the refugees. He is greatly impressed by Velen and dedicated to him.

It is Maraad, with Sentinal Commander Lyalia, who are hired by the Shado Pan to escort an orc war criminal to Lion's Landing - a Dark Shaman called Mashok. His various encounters are part of a short story arc called The Untamed Valley, focusing on the Tiller faction.

After these strange side trips, Maraad comes back to the fore in Lords of War. It is Maraad who tells Varian Wrynn of the orc Warchiefs in an attempt to get him to take action against the invasion of the Iron Horde.

This leads into his incarnation in Warlords of Draenor ... for which there will be no spoilers here.

Maraad the impetuous draenei

Maraad's consistent representation is of a man of voice and action. In most of his stories, he leads and suggests, rather than follows. For all his dedication to the light, he is haunted by the troubles of his past. He is dedicated to the dreanei above all - probably above even the Light. His assertiveness, however, seems to lead him astray often. This is something unusual in the draenei, who are portrayed as a calm and thoughtful people.

The biggest question in this story, however, is what has happened to Me'dan. The Last Guardian of Tirisfal was under Maraad's tutelage, but is now missing. He makes no appearance from Wrath of the Lich King onwards and it does not seem that the Warlords storyline will resolve this question (as far as we know it so far). Given Maraad's character, what might he have led Me'dan to? He would want to fight the Legion and so perhaps has put Me'dan on that trail. This is the purpose of the Guardian of Tirisfal. However, given the corruption of this line at the hands of Sargeras and the way Maraad's choices sometimes seem to go awry, perhaps Me'dan will come back to us at the head of the Burning Legion rather than defeating it?