The Content Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy at the heart of gaming. It needs to be destroyed. It is being perpetrated by evil game designers so they can enjoy watching their gamers suffer.

Games companies collaborate to release their content at the same time. 

About a month ago in a small town in California a meeting took place. The participants were known only by code names.

Vader: Well we've to this limited time Dark vs Light event running at the moment. So we're going to start by dropping hints that its going to end soon.

Taimi Hoodie: Good idea with the limited time thing. Living World Season 3 is doing some of that too. We've left more of a gap, but we've made more content and one hell of a grind in each episode.

Vader: Nice! We've got a whole new expansion to drop. I wish we'd managed to get it out sooner to really coincide with your work, but it just wasn't to be.

Taimi: Thats okay, man. Everyone knows you can only really get the achievements done in that release time period so we'll be keeping them very busy. That will add some pressure. 

Gul'dan: And then we'll swoop in. I've got so much content across the games. We've managed to make raid opening time almost exactly with Living World Episode 2.

Taimi: Nice! We've got some WvW changes and a new PvP map with limited time achievements. Plus we are literally sending our players to hell ...

Gul'dan: Good idea on the limited time PvP achievements. And of course plenty of people will still be leveling or gearing. Hell, they've had almost no chance to finally clear their quest logs. Then we've got a new competitive season in Overwatch and the PvP season starts in WoW.

Vader: OMG the howls of pain! I was impressed you got the patch on the PTR already. That should coincide nicely with our expansion.

Taimi: Oh, and guess when the next episode of Living World is due?



The door opens suddenly and a hooded figure sweeps in. He draws back his hood and everyone cowers before him.

Sid:  You pathetic mortals with your secret meetings. You will all be swept away by the power of Civilization VI.