World of Warcraft | Are you ready for the Legion?

Its just a few hours now to the Legion launch. Are you ready?

Now theres definitely some things you should have done by now that you won't be able to do from tomorrow. But, realistically, its a bit late for that.

Have you done the pre-quests?

Theres a whole bunch of storyline that goes with this new content. First, theres the scenario. This takes you to the Broken Shore to fight the invading demons. Its not the most exciting scenario, but the story is full of twists and turns.

Then theres the invasions. These aren't as story rich but are a really good implementation of world activities in WoW. Better than they have managed before. You turn up and kill stuff. No need to faff with groups, no need to organise roles. It feels more like the Guild Wars 2 world boss experience.

Even better, the new technology that changes mobs to your level is also present, so if you are level 12 and levelling in Westfall, you can still take part. Its a bit overtuned if you are below 100, but, if you can manage to stay alive, it gives a lot of experience. Its definitely the best thought out pre-expansion event so far, because its as engaging as the pre-Wrath event but less disruptive.

Theres even a currency, vendor and reward chests. You'll quickly get a set of ilevel 700 gear that will see you crushing your new enemies from day one, as well as a pet and some new looks.

Then theres the Dalaran questline. Unlike normal quests that either pop up whether you like it or not, or require you to go somewhere, this one is a little different. Rather, you will be stalked by a freaking elemental until you give in and finally take the quest. Its quite a nice little storyline, that leads into why you are going to the Broken Isles. It helps if you've watched the Warcraft movie because its Khadgar centric (at least for the Alliance) and if you've seen the movie its clear hes the best character in it.

All done? Onto the next step.

Don't forget that boost to 100.

It came free with Legion and theres a couple of things you could do with it. Either level a class you fancy trying this time round or level something from the opposing faction to see their storylines too.

Have you played a Demon Hunter?

Even if you have no intention of touching it again, its worth playing through the Demon Hunter class once to see the storyline. As with the Death Knight story before, its relevant.


Have you done your chores?

You likely did this when the pre-Legion patch hit, but in case you didn't you should:

  • Clear out your bank. Sell things. As many things as you can. You will need the space. Pay attention to the Reagents tab as that's likely full and about to fill again. Use an alt if you want to keep things or sell them on the AH/to a vendor.
  • Clear out your inventory. You will want to maximise your levelling time by not having to go back to sell. Make sure you have decent sized bags and they are fairly empty. All you really want is your hearthstone, some food and spare items for your alternate spec if you are going to queue for dungeons.
  • Clear out your quest list. By this I mean delete or finish any quests you can. You will want this to be as empty as possible. The vast majority of quests can be picked up again, so you should only hold onto any special ones that have been removed if you don't have them (now very rare).
  • Optional - fill up your quest list. With max level quests ready to hand in just as the Xpac launches for an initial XP boost.

What do you need to know to get started?

Here are the things that will make your life easier if you know about them before you start levelling.

  • Zones now adjust to your level, so you can level where you want and level with your friends no matter what level they are.
  • You will not get much in the way of weapon drops - instead you will get an Artifact unique to your class  and specialisation. hat's Artifact. Singular (and with an I rather than an E). Though you will be able to get others later (from your Class Hall at level 102), they will be behind your main so pick carefully.
  • The single Artefact issue also affects alts, so choose your class wisely.
  • A Class Hall is not a Garrison. There are other people in there and everything.
  • PvP gear went poof. As did Honor. That's why you can't find them.

Here are the when certain content will be made available:

  • The weekly holidays are taking a break for a while.
  • Raids won't be open yet. They are never open at launch any more. Stop complaining. The first raid will be open on 20 September 2016.
  • Mythic dungeons will open after the weekly dungeon reset. Mythic + dungeons (gradually tiered dungeons of increasing difficulty) will be open on 20th September 2016. These reset weekly.

Here are some strategies for maximising your time.

  • Artifact Power - you want it. All of it. And Artifact Knowledge. Gief. Oh and Relics. You want those too. Theres a lot needed to make your super-awesome weapon of doom actually live up to the hype.
  • Keep up with your Class Hall quests for some early gear.

MMO launches are never perfect.

With the best will in the world and all the preparation they can manage, there will be issues come launch night. In the very best case scenario, the zones get clogged with players. Odds are there will also be some technical demons to slay. Theres also the fact that a lot of players come back to WoW for launches. I therefore suggest the following:

  • Beer or alcohol of choice or non-alcoholic beverage of choice that you really enjoy
  • Snacks
  • Caffeine if you plan to stay awake
  • If you have some fellow players you can get on voice chat with, get on that voice chat. Pain is always better shared.
  • If it all goes really badly, you can just go to bed (in the EU) and the odds are it will be better in the morning. If not, you can always get more alcohol and snacks and laugh at people raging on the forums like this is the end of the world. If you run out of those and its still bad I suggest:
    • Go play another MMO for a while: Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online and Tamriel Unlimited are all FREE. Guild Wars 2 in particular has several of the systems WoW is stealing for Legion. Just sayin.
    • Go play another Blizzard game for a while. Smashing opponents in Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone or Overwatch is very cathartic. A new season of Diablo III started a few weeks ago and there were some extra chapters released for StarCraft II if you haven't tried them. You'll still be on BattleNet to complain with your friends.
    • Go play another smaller game that will keep you occupied for a while. I recommend Dead by Daylight, Prison Architect or Darkest Dungeon.
    • Apparently theres this world outside of games you can engage with? I'm not sure if that's real or just a myth though.