Overwatch | Lunar New Year

Another new event for Overwatch is now live - the Lunar New Year. Its following the same route as the Christmas and Halloween events - skins, victory poses, etc. and a Brawl.

Top Tip

The new brawl may remind you of Warsong Gulch (for good reason). But unlike flag capture battlegrounds in World of Warcraft you can capture the enemy flag even if your flag is not in the base. This is what makes the map so fast.

The Brawl is capture the flag - grab the enemy flag and return it to your point. Its on the Lijang Tower map. The match is very quick and does not reset between flag captures so it feels even quicker. With a few tweaks it could be a new type of map.

Highlights include a skin for Mei in two different colours, an awesome D.Va skin and a fun skin for Reinhardt where he looks a bit like a Mogu.

lunar new year rewards.gif