Guild Wars 2 | The Head of the Snake

It seems the storyline of Minister Caudicus will be coming to a head with an attack on Lion's Arch and Queen Jennah herself. It arrives Tuesday 7 February.

What can we expect?

Potentially, an event similar to the destruction of Lion's Arch, ending in a rebuild of Divinity's Reach. Which sounds good because most of that city is just deserted. However, I don't think this will be the case. Instead, I think we will get:

  • A revamped 'Festival' to prepare people to fight.
  • The siege taking place in one of the empty areas around Divinity's Reach (there lots of nice open space there). This will be the new map for this episode.
  • Possibly the map will encroach into one area of Divinity's Reach (as I said, theres lots of boring real estate there) which will get a big fat Bloodstone in the middle of it.
  • Some instances where we find a traitor amongst the elite of the city.
  • We might see Logan. He'll be useless though.
  • Maybe Marjory and Lazarus will show up?
  • Some events in other areas around the encroachment of the two dragons (small world events similar to the Current Events). They need to start impacting on the world if the world is going to respond, as they did with Mordy.
  • Canach will finally complete his debt to Anise and join us properly. This is good because hes the only Sylvari main character I don't want to kill every time I see them (other than the Pale Tree, gotta love momma).