World of Warcraft | In the hotseat - Jin'Rokh the Breaker

Meta Gamer's intrepid reporter, Bravetank, brings you the first in a series of exclusive interviews with raid bosses. Here she sits down with Jin'Rokh, first boss of the Throne of Thunder raid in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

Jin'Rokh - we're here today to talk about Throne of Thunder. You're the first boss in the raid. I understand there's a great deal of pressure on bosses in that role?

Oh yes absolutely. We all know what happened to Morchok. Once he got into that Heroic raid - BOOM - complete nervous breakdown. Total personality fracture, schizophrenia, call it what you will. There's literally two of him in certain parts of that raid and that was never the intention. If you're not prepared the pressure can really mess with your head.

So did you feel prepared when you were offered the ToT position? I assume it was the Thunder King who made you the offer?

Yes it was Lei Shen - I owe everything to him [mouths "He might be listening"]. I was in Zandalar when I had the call. He'd heard about how I'd dealt with old Hakkar back in STV and knew I was the man for the job. And of course to be first boss - well it's the best role in a raid. It doesn't come much better than that. Okay yes there is a certain kudos to being the final boss. But I think that's more an honorary thing - it's sort of saying "Good job old timer, you've served us well, now go enjoy being last boss of the raid and take a bow." [Stops, pauses, then] Of course Lei Shen is the last boss in ToT so this doesn't apply to him. Clearly they saved the best for last there. Haha. [mouths "He's most certainly listening"]. But anyway yes first boss - you need to be on top of your game for that and you need to have shown something special before you're even offered the part. I was honoured when Lei Shen gave it to me.

Ok let's talk about the fight itself and your famous opening move - the Thundering Throw. Tell me about that.

Yes - that's one of my favourites too. If I could do it all the way through the fight I would but the old arm isn't what it used to be. Injured in my STV days - got suckered into collecting a zillions pages for that two faced Nesingwary. He promised me a stuffed mongoose, gave me a rabid tiger - suffice to say we don't speak anymore. But those pages weighed a tonne. So I can only do that throw about four times in a fight. And my aim isn't what it used to be either. Don't know if you've noticed but I keep on breaking all the bloody statues in the room. Everytime I throw someone I end up hurling them right into a statue. So after every raid I have to call in the builders to fix the place. Getting ridiculous. Costing me a fortune in repair bills.

And I understand the throw also creates pools of water? Tell me how that works.

Ah yes. Well that's not intentional. Far from it. There's something up with the plumbing here and once a player falls to the ground a pool of water appears. And then the pool gets bigger and bigger. You know how these things are. I've tried asking the raid for a time out and giving them some mops to help me clean up but no one listens. No one ever bloody listens - particularly in LFR. I've had the plumbers in of course but they can't find the cause of the leak. Wear and tear they say. No easy fix. And they then charge me 500 gold for the pleasure. You want to know where all the rogues have gone? Plumbing, that's where they are. Daylight robbery.

Does that water create any problems for the player?

Yes, but not enough in my opinion. In an ideal world it would drown them, simple as that. But you couldn't drown a cat in that water. Not deep enough. Believe me I've tried. Ha ha. Look at your face. I'm only joking. I would never harm a cat. What do you take me for? I feel guilty every time I kill a druid for pity's sake - well unless it's a night elf druid - I really don't care for anything of the night elf variety. But yes - the water. It increases damage taken, so that's good. But it also increases healing received and damage dished out. So it's a bit of a mixed bag I have to say. But what's worse is it ruins the floor and is a bugger to clean up afterwards. That's my biggest issue. I blame the plumbers. Particularly the night elf ones.

Everyone talks about this next ability - and I know there are a couple of strategies to deal with it. I'd be interested to hear your take on it. You've probably guessed - I'm talking about your orbs.

Oh my focused lightning orbs. Yes I'm very proud of them. As soon as I pull them out of the bag ... well not a literal bag of course. No I do this clever thing with my hands, sort of like this and ... oh no ... oh dear ... sorry I didn't mean to cast one ... oh dear ... and unfortunately I was rather fixated on you at the time too ... it's your beautiful blue eyes, quite striking they are. Um ... I think you'd better move.

Interviewer jumps up as orb travels towards her.

What do I do? What do I do?

Run over there, yes that corner of the room, jump over the potted plant if you will. No not there - further in. Avoid mother's best china ... yes there you go, stand there.

It's hurting.

Yes, it will a bit. Though some say it tickles. Funny how we're all different isn't it? No ... can see that it wouldn't seem that funny to you right now. Maybe later. If you survive ... kidding, kidding. But you are losing a bit of health. You've gone quite pale. Ah ok - it's reached you ... wait for it ...

Orb detonates. Interviewer screams.

Yes hurts a bit doesn't it. Oh quick - I forgot - you need to MOVE NOW. Quickly does it. Good. Good. Yes you can take a seat now. And sorry. I didn't mean to shout. I forgot about those fissures - the things on the ground. Yes you don't want to stand there. And certainly not if I cast another orb at you ...

Interviewer looks terrified

... which I'm not going to do of course. But it can be fun. In fact mother and I used to play a little game - punt the orb in the fissure. For weeks I could never get it in and oh how we laughed. And then one day - hey presto - I cracked it. I was over the moon. Of course the explosion killed her. But honestly, when I pieced her head back together - so she looked presentable for the ritual burning of course - I swear she was smiling. She was that proud.

Interviewer has finally recovered and continues -

So the players have a lot to think about - Thundering Throws, Lightning Orbs, Fissures - what part of the fight are you happiest with?

Well it's back to the water. Can't drown them. So electrify them with Lightning Storm. If they're stood in the water when I cast it then it's curtains for them - electrified curtains - whatever that means. Got that idea from another game I use to play - this time with Dad. I called it "Lie in the bathtub while I throw an electric toaster at you, you goddamn son of a bitch". Fine game. We played it just the once.

Ok. Any final words for our readers?

Well I just want to say thank you to the Thunder King really [mouths "Help me. Help me. It's gone too far. I only came for a stuffed mongoose"]. Wouldn't be where I am without him [mouths "I'd be free, free"]. And also if any readers know of a good plumber could they give me a call.