Man at Arms: Making gaming weapons come to life

Man at Arms is a blacksmith armorer. He is trained to make weapons of the type that you can use for real. While they spent a lot of time making weapons for film and recreations, they are still dangerous items. These are sharp, balanced, usable pieces.

Lets start with a particularly well known blade - Frostmourne. Now this has been made before as Blizzard has a few copies. However, seeing it having been made doesn't compare to the experience of seeing it made. Its a very complex build and an amazing result.

Oh and at the end of the video, they hit stuff with it. Including slicing melons. You need to watch that.

They also made the Zenith Blade used by Leona in League of Legends. This may look simpler, but seemed more challenging in terms of making the blade itself. The structure of the guard here is difficult to make, as was the hilt.

At the end of this, the designer from Riot who drew the sword comes along to see and hold the product. Then they smash more stuff.

This is part of the re-forged series, where they use a bit of artistic license to make some more unusual blades. In this case they combine a lightsaber with a Katana. The biggest challenge - Jedi or Sith? They went Sith. Whilst the previous sword was drawn on card, this makes use of very technical computer aided cutting to make the unique logo design.

Can you guess what they do at the end of the video? More melons die painful deaths. This time there is cosplay as well. And they slice peppers as they fly through the air.

Finally, they make the Bat'leth from Star Trek. Part of the challenge here is the sheer size of the thing. He actually wears a chain mail coif to make sure he doesn't accidentally cut himself with it. The blacksmith has made film props in the past, but this is a working Bat'leth.

No melons in this one, but lots of other things get cut as if they were jelly.