MMO Papercraft

There are some amazing people out there making MMO themed crafts, but how about a type of crafting you can do yourself? Welcome to papercrafting.

Papercrafting is simple. You download a papercraft image from a site and follow its instructions to craft your very own paper MMO items. Its like having replicas only cheaper (and likely flimsier and possibly less cool looking depending on your skill level). Papercrafters make weapons, items, creatures - anything you can think of! Cosplayers also use papercrafting to make parts of their costumes.

You'll need a limited set of equipment to achieve this:

  • Paper - reasonably thick but not card.
  • Scalpel/Scissors (and a cutting mat if you are using a scalpel as well as a metal ruler to cut along).
  • Glue (PVA glue is good for this and probably the safest option).
  • Patience.

This assumes you want to use a pre-rendered template (highly recommended at first). A lot of very small pieces go into these papercrafts, so it involves a lot of very careful cutting, folding and sticking. It also takes quite some time to make one of these.

So what can you make?

Here are a few images and videos that show some rather awesome papercrafts, just to get you interested.

Warglaive by Lester Loh. Image from

Anzu the Raven God by Edward S. Image from

League of Legends Minion from

The Lich King Paper Model

Dragon by Johannes E. Image from

Moogle by Kaizo. Image from

Jango Fett by Nightcrawler. Image from

Those are amazing! Where do I get them from?

There are a few sites that host some large collections of papercraft. In particular, try:

Llyssa's cat, Image from

Its also worth a visit to Instructables and specifically Llyssa's stuffed cat made based on a papercraft template.

I'm not sure I really get what I have to do here ...

Its complicated, thats for sure. These two videos show two papercrafts being made. The Charizard is a step by step video, showing the different pieces being put together. The Frostmourne video is stop motion. Both should give you some idea of what is involved in creation.

Thats awesome, but I can't find the papercraft I really want to make

This is definitely more advanced, but this tutorial by Captain Bryan shows you how he renders the game files into papercraft templates.

On a final note, even the games companies themselves are getting into this. These Blizzard papercraft kits were in the goodie bags for BlizzCon 2013. Following on from these, Blizzard made a treasure goblin template available on its website in advance of the first expansion pack to Diablo III.