Star Wars: The Old Republic | Star Wars slice and dice and the fate of Revan

Disney is going to gut the Star Wars universe. That got your attention, right?

Actually, the statement is somewhat true. Outside of the films, Star Wars has a vast Expanded Universe (EU) that covers the coming together of the first Force sensitives and goes beyond the movies to follow the descendants of the main characters. Just like the new Star Trek movies were a reboot, altering the timeline, it seems the new Star Wars films will do the same thing in a way. Disney intends to go through the Expanded Universe with a fine tooth comb and cut the fat. The remaining EU will be officially considered canon.

This allows a great deal of speculation. Currently, there are 'tiers' of canon. Anything George Lucas created is considered canon. The TV series are considered nearly canon and the Expanded Universe is divided into 'probably canon', 'hmmm maybe not canon' and 'absolutely no chance'.

We can expect, broadly, that the last two categories will go. The 'probably' will likely be culled depending on what the new movies are likely to focus on. The complicating aspect, however, is that George Lucas had some involvement in many aspects of the Expanded Universe. For example, Lucas became highly involved in the development of Darth Bane. This character appears in the novelisation of The Phantom Menance. A part of the story of Darth Bane is his discovery of a Holocron made by Darth Revan.

Which brings us to Revan. Revan is a part of the Expanded Universe. What will be his fate at the hands of Disney? It would seem likely that Revan will be retained. Partly, the use of Revan as mentioned above by George Lucas suggests it is something likely to be made canon. Additionally, Revan's story is fairly contained. No aspect of the story impacts on the movies and what goes after. Finally, Revan appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It would seem strange to erase parts of the storyline of a current game that Disney would like to continue to operate. Lore is an important influence on the player - if the lore they are experiencing is thrown out of the window, it would seriously undermine the game.


Revan began as a Jedi. The galaxy was in the grip of the Mandalorian Wars. The Empire was defeated and gone. The Jedi refused to become involved in the war which raged on for years. Revan rebelled against the Jedi and went to help the Republic. He became the Supreme Commander and defeated the Mandalorians.

Revan and his friend Malak discovered a potentially Sith influence on the Mandalorians. They followed the trail into the Unknown Regions and found the Empire in exile. They faced the Emperor who turned them to the Dark Side and sent them back to the Republic.

Once in the Republic, Malak and Revan broke free from the Emperor and followed their own dark route. They set up their own Empire, based in the Star Forge. The Jedi fought back and the Jedi Civil War ensued. Eventually betrayed by Malak, the Jedi captured Revan. They wiped his memory and returned him to the Republic as a useful citizen.

Revan retrained as a Jedi. He and Bastila Shan, who had captured him, searched for clues to find the Star Forge and Malak. Near to their goal, Shan is captured by Malak. Revan found the Star Forge. Malak had turned Shan, but Revan restored her to the light side. Malak was defeated. Revan and Shan married and life became quiet for a time.

Deep in Revan's memories, however, was the Empire in exile. The Republic had seen only Revan and Malak in the Star Forge. They were completely unaware of the threat the Empire posed. Revan went off again, seeking to uncover his memories. He rediscovered the Empire and attempted to destroy it.

Player interaction with Revan in Bioware games is substantial. In Knights of the Old Republic players became Revan, rediscovering their past after their memory was wiped. They played through to the defeat of Malak. In SWTOR, Imperial players saw what was seemingly the end of Revan when they defeated him in the Foundry.

Few players believe the end seen in SWTOR is the end of Revan. It is likely he will make the grade at Disney and be back in future Bioware productions.