Vanity and Vainglory

This is new mobile MOBA Vainglory. It appeared at the Apple launch event. The trailer is an interesting mash up of gamer stereotypes with the idea of gaming being social.

Imagine this - your gaming party is an event. Not being tied to setting up a LAN, you can play sitting on the sofa while others dance and congregate. All the while, you are playing a real game - a MOBA of the kind that used to live only on your PC. You no longer need to be alone - geek is and you get to party and game. This is what Vainglory is trying to sell you. Its not a game - its a lifestyle.

From this trailer, I have no idea what the game is other than it looks a bit like League of Legends, as most MOBAs do. Not a single game feature is discussed. Gameplay seems to involve a lot of tapping the screen and I wonder if it really does work that way or are they just trying to tap into the idea of the professional gamer as exemplified by StarCraft (the super-fast clicker game).

Apple is often said to be a style over substance brand, and by hitching its wagon to the Apple release show, not to mention the above video, Vainglory might be subject to the same accusation. It all seems a bit ... vain. However, that criticism forgets that Apple has another strength - their products just work. Time will tell if Vainglory can manage that as well.