Star Wars: The Old Republic | Yavin 4

Shadow of Revan will have not one, but two planets for players to explore. One of these is Yavin 4, one of the most important planets in Star Wars lore. Meta Gamer takes a look at why.

The Battle of Yavin

Anyone who has watched Episode IV: A New Hope, has seen Yavin 4. It is the moon on which the rebel base is located. At the end of the film, the Death Star attempts to destroy it and the rebels fight back and win. This is known as the Battle of Yavin.

The Battle of Yavin is significant in terms of the storyline, as it marks a major victory of the rebels over the Empire. It also marks the beginning of Luke's embrace of his Jedi heritage. Its so important, in fact, that its the basis of the main timeline in the Star Wars Universe. Years are measured as BBY and ABY - Before/After the Battle of Yavin.

Beyond this film appearance its quite hard to tell how much of the extended universe is cannon now. However, we can assume that this new expansion will be. As such, the stories of Yavin 4 that make the history of SWTOR may also be.

Naga Sadow

Naga Sadow was a Darth during the early years of the Empire. After the death of Marka Ragnos, he assumed the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith off the back of a campaign to conquer the Republic. His plan was arrogant and failed at the first attack. Now at the mercy of the Republic, Naga Sadow took his Massassi warriors and fled to Yavin 4. This was around 5000 BBY.

On Yavin 4, Sadow worked to enhance his loyal Massassi warriors. The Massassi worshipped him and continued to do so, even as they became warped predators. They built temples in his honour. Eventually, Sadow began to realise that his dreams of a new Sith Empire were beyond his reach at this time. He therefore placed himself in suspended animation and remained thus until 4400 BBY.

Freedon Nadd

The next Sith to arrive on Yavin 4 was Freedon Nadd. Nadd had been a Jedi. He chose to pursue power and, after killiing his Jedi master, went in search of the Sith. After some training in the Empire, he was driven to Yavin 4 where he found Naga Sadow. As per Sith tradition, after Nadd had learnt all he could, he killed Sadow. He then left Yavin 4 to find a planet of his own to rule as Dark Lord of the Sith. He died there, but his spirit lived on and continued to teach.

Exar Kun

From exile, Nadd had continued to teach the Sith ways. Even after the Jedi had bansihed him to the moon of Onderon, he retained influence .  It was only with the fall of Exar Kun that he found someone of power to teach. He sought out the spirit of Nadd and became his apprentice. Nadd sent him to Yavin 4, where he acquired the power to kill his master. He then left to pursue galactic domination.

Kun returned to Yavin after the raid on the Jedi world of Ossus to study the lore he had pillaged. He was unaware that his apprentice had betrayed him to the Jedi. The Jedi attacked him on Yavin 4. He used a ritual to seperate his spirit from his body to elude them. However, the Jedi, led by Nomi Sunrider, created a wall of light that destroyed Yavin 4's landscape and the body of Exar Kun. His spirit remains, trapped there. This was in 3996 BBY.

The Jedi Cleansing

After the attack, the Jedi attempted to restore the planet from the destruction they had caused. They built an underground city there and worked to terraform the moon back into a jungle. At some point, they left the city and it became known as the Lost City of the Jedi.

The Old Republic

The events of Makeb and the Rise of the Hutt Cartel take place some 300 years later in 3640 BBY. Since the above all form a part of the video series leading up to the release of SWTOR, we can assume all these events are cannon within the game. Therefore, we can make a guess at some of the things we might find on the planet.

Yavin 4 is awash with remnants of its force-related history. The Lost City of the Jedi, the left over experiments of the Sith Lords and the Massassi themselves are all there to be explored. Based on the images made available, it seems the planet will have recovered from the wall of light and will be awash with ancient ruins buried under thick jungle. There will also be a 'Temple of Sacrifice', though who will be making what kind of sacrifice is unclear (probably deliberately so). The concept image below gives no clues - there is a beam of light going through a dark temple like building - this could easily work as a place of evil or good. Also, the image appears in the cartel market section of the pictures, which suggests all sorts of interesting ideas. Perhaps Yavin 4 will host new strongholds? Perhaps this will be a centrepiece item you can add. Or it could be something else entirely.

Revan will know the history of Yavin 4. For him to go there suggests he is seeking something that will make him powerful. However, there are both Sith and Jedi artefacts on Yavin and so this, once again, does not confirm if he is a follower of the dark or the light. Either way, the trip to Yavin should be interesting.