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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn rose from the ashes of the initial first release to become one of the most successful MMOs (6 million players). Regular content updates and the first expansion have kept it going strong.

We are currently in the first expansion to FFXIV, Heavensward. A second expansion, Stormblood, has been announced for June 2017. There is a limited free trial available, but this is a subscription based MMO and you will need to pay. That money will get you a lot of content and a high level of polish.

The Far Edge of Fate

Patch 3.5 brings:

  • New quests - Main Scenario, Chronicles of a New Era, Anima Weapon, Beast Tribes and Side Story (including Hildebrand)
  • New hairstyles and emotes
  • New dungeons - Baelsar's Wall and Sohm AI (Hard) (which will replace Xelphatol and The Great Gubal Library (Hard) in the Duty Roulette: Expert)
  • New Trials - Containment Bay Z1T9 and Z1T9 Extreme
  • New raid - Dun Scaith
  • Tweaks to all sorts of things including Apartments, Triple Triad, Chocobo Companions and PvP

FFXIV Events