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Guild Wars 2 is in its first expansion to the original game, Heart of Thorns. If you buy the game at this time, you buy that expansion - the base game is now free.

We are currently in Season 3 of the Living Story. This is an ongoing story, with updates and new zone released every couple of months. If you are online during the time a chapter is active, you get it for free (though you need Heart of Thorns to play it). If you miss one, you can buy access later.

A Crack in the Ice

In this latest chapter of the Living Story you can play with Aurene, explore the Northern Shiverpeaks, catch up with a (very grumpy) Braham, explore the new Nightmare Fractal and add a shield that is a fish tank with a quaggan in it to your collection. Check out Dulfy's guide.


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